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Webinar – Use Split Testing to Improve Email Responses

Watch Webinar This is our third in a series of webinars for your business email marketing. Based on analysis of thousands of Business to Business email campaigns and a few hundred million emails that have been sent through Pinpointe's B2B email marketing platform, we share results of several email split tests to help you improve your […]

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Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes

At Pinpointe, we see very smart customers make mistakes that cause their email response rates to suffer.  Here are the most common mistakes we see our new customers make:  Not running the SPAM checker Pinpointe has a built-in email SPAM checker that evaluates your email content using the popular spamassassin spam engine, gives you a […]

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Online Marketing Best Practices, Webinars

Webinar – How to Generate More Inbound Leads

In our information-packed event presented by Bob Bly, noted Internet strategist, prolific author and successful copywriter, you will learn proven strategies to get more prospects into your sales funnel. We’ll show you multiple ways to grow your email list and your sales lead funnel. With Bob’s advice, you’ll leave this webinar with tips to help you easily generate twice as many leads at half the cost.


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Dealing with CSS Styles in Email

As an email marketer you have probably already discovered that getting your newsletter or email campaign to display as you intended across the main email clients can be a challenge.  The most popular email clients in business for example – Gmail (including Gmail for Businesses) and Microsoft Outlook 2007 / 2010 are pretty restrictive and […]

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Email Response Rates, Online Marketing Best Practices

Which is Better: Person’s Name or Company for Send-From Address?

Our goal as marketers is to develop a ‘relationship’ with our audience.  Generally speaking, people respond to people better than they respond to ‘things’ – like your company. Based on our split testing, we’ve found that in most cases, you’ll see better results by using a specific contact person (yourself for example) vs. a general […]

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11 Common SPAM Content Mistakes

If you send email campaigns long enough, you will run into spam filter issues.  As a legitimate email marketer you can still expect 20%+ of your emails to just get lost in cyberspace, mostly due to overzealous spam filters.  SPAM filters / firewalls use multiple techniques to determine whether your legitimate business email is SPAM […]

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CAN SPAM Act: Update

During each of our Email Marketing Webinars, we get questions about CAN-SPAM regulations, so I thought it would be useful to review the CAN SPAM laws.  You will note in this post that, contrary to popular belief, ‘opt-in’ is surprisingly not a legal requirement. Offering additional impetus for the timeliness of the topic: we just passed the […]

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Can I send out a series of messages over time when a user subscribes to a list?

Of course. Pinpointe  supports sending of automatic sequential emails that are triggered when a user subscribes, sent in specific time intervals, eg. After 1 hour, or after 2 days etc. These sequential emails are referred to as Auto-Pilot campaigns, or 'autoresponders' and can be accessed using the Autoresponders section from the main menu. Pinpointe also supports […]

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