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Tips for Writing Email Subject Lines That Work
Email Writing Tips

9 Tips for Writing Email Subject Lines That Work

Every copywriter and journalist knows the importance of a powerful headline. A subject line can make or break your email. More than a third of subscribers decide whether or not to open your email based on the subject line alone, so we've compiled nine tips to write subject lines that work. 1. The 50/50 time-spent […]

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10 Best Performing Email Subject Lines

The subject line is arguably the most important part of an email message. That’s why email marketers are so focused on getting it right. To help you get your subject lines right, we’ve put together subject line templates based on the top ten best performing subject lines right now. They’re designed to boost opens, clicks, and sales. If […]

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Email Writing Tips

6 Tips to Drive Good Email Content Home

  Good email content is a necessity, but your message as a business marketer is what makes you relevant to your prospects. Having a stellar and creative concept is one thing, but driving that message home to your target audience is another. Add these six tips to your email content strategy and reach your audience quicker […]

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4 Tips for Writing Emails People Want to Read

Have you collected heaps of behavioral data related to clients' needs, purchase habits and email activity history? Good. Do you have a partnership with one of the best email marketing automation providers? Great. These are crucial steps to launching a campaign that can strengthen existing relationships and boost customer sales.

Content creation isn't always easy, but it's something you have to master. Putting enough research, time and thought into your messages will pay off big time in terms of subscriber response rates and customer loyalty.  So before you pull out your writer's quill (or keyboard), take these tips into account …

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Webinar: Writing Tips to Improve Email Responses

Which is more important – a great subject line, or a fantastic graphic design and witty content?  Will having more links in your email increase your email response rate, or decrease it?  We'll explain in this 'Email Writing Tips' webinar .

Based on analysis of 100's of millions of B2B emails and thousands of email campaigns that have recently been sent through Pinpointe's email marketing platform, we'll cover specific writing tips that will help you to improve email response rates.  First, we'll break the email down into sections, including the subject, send-from, introduction, body and signature.  Then we'll cover email writing tips for each section to explain what you can do to maximize responses.

Join us in this 50 minute on-demand Webinar, where we cover:

  • The Top 9 Best / Worst Performing Email Subjects
  • What content should all good emails have in common?
  • Optimizing your Subject Line
  • Embedded Link analysis – how to optimize links in your email

The accompanying slides and Q and A summary are below… And hey, please Diggit, Fave or Tweet about it!

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Webinar – What’s Working in Email Marketing? (Bob Bly)

Download PowerPoint   Download Q and A  In our continuing series of Email Marketing Webinars, we are delighted to be joined by Intenet strategist and copyrighter, Bob Bly, to present 'What's Working in Email Marketing Today?' Learn tips to help improve your email marketing results in this week's webinar.  Please join Pinpointe and our special […]

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The Ideal Email Subject Line Length

We ran multiple experiments on subject lines and summarized one particular case study example in our recent webinar: “Use Split Testing to Improve Email Responses (you can download the slides and view the on-demand version). Here are the email subject variations:

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