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Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes

At Pinpointe, we see very smart customers make mistakes that cause their email response rates to suffer.  Here are the most common mistakes we see our new customers make:  Not running the SPAM checker Pinpointe has a built-in email SPAM checker that evaluates your email content using the popular spamassassin spam engine, gives you a […]

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Webinar: Tips to Improve Email Response Rates

This is the first in our series of Webinars on Email Marketing deliverability. The interactive session demonstrates tips to improve delivery and email response rates for your well crafted HTML emails. We also cover tips to help ensure your email gets read once it actually makes it to the inbox.

Email Marketing 101 focuses on email content and covers the following topics:

Designing for the Inbox: Think “Above the Fold”
21 DOs and DON’Ts – Tips to Improve Email Delivery

The on-demand version, accompanying slides and 10 page Q and A sumamry are included.

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Dealing with CSS Styles in Email

As an email marketer you have probably already discovered that getting your newsletter or email campaign to display as you intended across the main email clients can be a challenge.  The most popular email clients in business for example – Gmail (including Gmail for Businesses) and Microsoft Outlook 2007 / 2010 are pretty restrictive and […]

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Using ALT Text Tags in HTML Email

What is ‘ALT Text’ and why should you care? As most of us have now experienced, many email clients now DISABLE graphics images by default. We haven’t seen specific metrics on what % of email inboxes have images disabled by default but general consensus seems to be in the 50% range, and increasing. So, if […]

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