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10 Tips to Make Your Emails Stand Out During the Holidays
Email Design Tips

10 Tips to Make Your Emails Stand Out During The Holidays

There are a few things that people can expect with the holidays –cookies, presents, sales, and more marketing emails in their inbox. Marketers are busy little elves during November and December. Naturally, their job is to capitalize on increased spending during the holidays, so beefing up their email activity is a given. Surprisingly, consumers don’t […]

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Email Design Tips

5 Critical Components of Email Design

You’ve worked hard on creating a captivating message for your email campaign. Now you need to compliment it with an engaging email design that looks professional and sends the right message about your company and the offer you’re promoting. By understanding the basics components of what goes into effective design, you will gain insight into […]

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Email Design Tips

Anatomy of Marketing Email Design

With email being one of the most popular and, by many accounts, the most successful of all online marketing channels used by marketers today, you want to ensure your email design communicates your message properly so it gets reads and inspires action. Good email marketing template design goes beyond choosing the right fonts and images, but also takes into […]

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quirks with gmail pinpointe
Email Design Tips

Gmail Quirks: HTML Issues with Gmail

You've diligently designed your HTML email campaign and previewed it in Gmail – only to find that it's completely messed up. Gmail has a handful of quirks that cause your HTML emails to display incorrectly.  Here are the most common Gmail coding quirks to avoid (and tips to avoid them).  Read on…

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How to Embed Video in Email

Adding Video to your Email Campaigns

Embedding video into emails is a hot topic, and there are recent developments that are leading to some limited support for direct playing embedded video in email.  The problem is that video in email support isn't universal and unfortunately – probably won't be for some time.  We tested video support in various email clients and the final verdict is that only Apple mail supports video in email reasonably well; Gmail supports a preview of youtube videos.  You can read about Video support in Gmail here.  

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Embedding Video in Email – Overview

Embedding Video In Email – Overview

With the continuing growth of email, we're seeing an uptick in email customers asking about embedding video in email.  This led us to head off and investigate a few different questions:

  • Can video be embedded in email?
  • If Video can be embedded – how exactly do you do it?
  • How / when to use video in email – will your recipients care?
  • The future of Video in email

We'll cover each of these in a series of posts.

Can Video be Embedded in Email?

There are a handful of possible ways to embed video with an email – here's a quick rundown of the possibilities:

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