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Bethany Foyt
Bethany has over seven years of Marketing experience and specializes in content creation, search engine optimization, social media, and project/program management.
The Psychology Behind Marketing-How to Write a Persuasive Email
Online Marketing Tips

How to Write a Persuasive Email | The Psychology Behind Marketing

Do you ever notice how marketers are usually a certain breed? They are more personable, persuasive and great communicators. They have a natural tendency to greet you at the office and usually bring an fun energy to wherever they are. When it comes to writing a persuasive email, this is where they excel. In my experieince, […]

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email versus social media banner
Marketing Strategy, Online Marketing Best Practices

Email Versus Social Media: An Expected Beat Down

For some reason, I’ve been asked whether email marketing is dead a lot more this past year and it seems like an absurd question to me. What makes the question so absurd is that it has been statistically proven that email is the best way to get in touch with prospects and customers. In 2015, email […]

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Repurposing Marketing Content
Content Marketing

Seven Commandments for Repurposing Marketing Content

If you’re struggling to put out as much marketing content as today’s content-driven world demands, you are NOT alone. Stats show that it’s worth the effort though, no matter how harrowing the task. According to, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates three times as many leads. Sixty-seven percent of consumers […]

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landing page conversion pinpointe
Landing Page Tips

May the Landing Page Conversion Force Be With You

Okay, yes the Star Wars craze has me applying this phrase into my everyday dialogue. But similar to the Jedi force, some landing pages have the power to convert and some simply don’t. I won’t claim to be Yoda in this scenario, but I do have a few basics-and-beyond principals to share in this post […]

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