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Bethany Foyt
Bethany has over seven years of Marketing experience and specializes in content creation, search engine optimization, social media, and project/program management.
Marketing Strategy

5 Creative Event Promotion Ideas

The worst fear for any event marketer is to plan every detail of an event and when it comes down to the big day, no one shows up. I know, your hands are getting sweaty just reading this. It’s okay! This blog on creative event promotion will help ensure your events are well-attended and attendees […]

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Content Marketing, Online Marketing Tips

What is the Silver Bullet of Lead Generation?

The biggest conundrum for a marketer is “where do I get leads?” If only there was one, clear answer to strong lead generation.  Well, there is a great blog article exactly on this topic and…you’ve found it! So, don’t despair. Have you heard the phrase “There is no silver bullet in marketing?” I have heard […]

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Email Delivery Tips, Email Writing Tips

5 Steps to Warming Up Your Cold Email Marketing Strategy

Cold Email Marketing Doesn’t Have to Send a Chill Up Your Spine The weather is getting colder and that chill in the air makes a lot of us want to snuggle up and hibernate for the winter. Cold weather can have this effect on us, but sending out cold emails shouldn’t send a chill up […]

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Lead Funnel Mapping Marketing Activities
Content Marketing, Online Marketing Tips, Sales Funnel Optimization

Mapping Marketing Activities with an “Under the Sea” Lead Funnel

The over-arching goal of marketing can easily get overshadowed with the details, the numbers, the never-ending content demands. Still, every once in a while, marketers need to step back and remember the goal of marketing is to produce leads. Not only should your marketing produce leads. Those leads should be warm. In order to get […]

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Assumptions You Can Make Based on Email Address
Email Marketing Lists

Assumptions You Can Make Based on Email Addresses

What does your mother know about your subscriber’s email addresses? Apparently, A LOT! Well, your mother may have said it best: “The way you present yourself says a lot about you.” The way an email address looks can say a lot about you too. As a marketer, it’s important to take notice of email addresses in […]

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segment your email subscribers
Online Marketing Tips

Most Successful Ways to Segment Your Email Subscribers – B2B and B2C

Would you care about an email campaign that is promoting wool sweaters if you live in Phoenix, Arizona? Or, do you want to get an email on an event in Chicago if you live in Florida? Probably not. The message your sending to subscribers when you send them irrelevant information is, “You’re really not that […]

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