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7 Quick Tips to Improve Email Results

quick tips

Here are a few tips to improve performance and increase ROI.

  1. Go social:  Invite subscribers to follow you on your social media sites
  2. It’s all about timing:  Send emails on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, to improve the liklihood the email will get read – to learn more about the best send day/times click here to check out our detailed guide
  3. Subject lines: Take your time and get this right. 40% of a recipient’s decision to open an email is based on the subject
  4. Use Video: keep the emails exciting by using video.  Check out our blog on how to embed video 
  5. Follow CAN-SPAM regs: accurate header, accurate subject line, include an opt-out method
  6. Attachments: we recommend hosting the PDF or other attachment and link it in the body of your email.  Most spam filters will automatically quarantine any attachments
  7. Size matters: keep the subject line short: 40 to 50 characters including spaces

Following these easy guidelines will help you achieve email success.  

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