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What is Business-to-Business ("B2B") Email Marketing?

At Pinpointe, we understand the unique needs of businesses who market to business customers. B2B customers often have a significantly longer sales cycle with multiple 'touches' or communication points with prospects as they move along the 'education and buying cycle' path. Email lists are often smaller than those of Business-t-o-Consumer ("B2C") businesses, so business email customers need to extract maximum value from each email contact.

Here are just a few of the features that are ideally suited to our B2B email customers:

  • Create 'drip marketing' campaigns. Pinpointe's autoresponders and trigger campaigns allow you to create multiple sequencs of email campaigns that are automatically sent.
  • Behavioral targeting – improve responses by targeting prospects based on their previous activity
  • Advanced segmenting – target your audience using as many customer criteria as you like.
  • 'Email Marketing in the Cloud' – Outsource your entire email marketing infrastructure to Pinpointe. Enterprise Edition provides end-to-end, dedicated email infrastructure – completely isolated from other customers.

We also allow you to send to recipients who may have opted in to receive information from your at trade-shows and events — provided that you have acquired explicit permission to send to these contacts. 

* However we do not permit the use of purchased lists or sending email to any contacts that have not explicitly, previously provided permission for you to send to them. Read Pinpointe's full Terms of Service here

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